340B Pharmacy
What Our Pharmacy Provides

The Louisiana Center for Bleeding and Clotting Disorders’ non-profit 340B pharmacy specializes in helping patients with hemophilia, von Willebrand Disease and other rare bleeding disorders. The pharmacy is located in the center of the Hemophilia department at Tulane University’s School of Medicine. This allows the pharmacy team to interact on a daily basis with our physicians, nurses, social workers, physical therapist, and research team to help coordinate the best care for our patients. Our pharmacy staff are active members of the HTC’s integrated care model, and that means the best care for you and your loved one.

Why Choose the Tulane University Health Science’s Pharmacy?

  • We supply all factor products in the assay amount needed for each patient.
  • We provide all infusion supplies at no additional cost.
  • Ordering is easy. You can place your refill by calling our toll-free phone number 1-866-TULANE4, by texting (504) 491-0624, emailing pharmacy@tulane.edu, or through the MicroHealth app.
  • We ship medications and supplies directly to your home or office.

In the event if your insurance does not allow you to use our pharmacy, or you choose not to use a 340B pharmacy, our pharmacy team is still available to help answer questions regarding the therapy our physicians prescribe. We are happy to provide information on new and upcoming treatments for bleeding disorders, help your understanding of pharmacokinetic (pK) values (i.e., half-life), explore the best way to log your infusions and bleeds, and can work with your local hospital pharmacy to keep the medication needed for your bleeding disorder in stock.

Our staff is available 24/7/365 for support. To speak to a pharmacist after hours, call (504) 988-LIFE.

Angela Kellum, PharmD
Kevin Tran, PharmD
Joshua Bullock, CPhT

Pharmacy Factor

The LCBCD also offers access to a home infusion program that allows for prompt therapy to reduce bleeding complications, as well as access to new therapies through numerous clinical research trials. Home infusion allows people with hemophilia and other bleeding disorders to spend more time at work and at school, and enhances the overall quality of life. Home factor replacement therapy helps prevent serious complications from hemophilia and other bleeding disorders because it speeds treatment and decreases pain, dysfunction, and long-term disability. Early treatment by home infusion can reduce the number of infusions needed to treat bleeding episodes, decrease the need for ER visits, as well as decrease hospitalizations. This can significantly reduce the total consumption of costly clotting factor, as well as other medical expenses associated with ER visits and inpatient hospitalizations.

Because the LCBCD is recognized as a “covered entity” it is able to operate a 340B drug pricing program enabling the purchase of clotting factor at a discount, often passing significant savings on to both the consumer and the insurance provider. When Hurricane Katrina demolished Louisiana’s State Factor Program in 2005, from whom the majority of patients received their clotting factor prior to Katrina, the LCBCD worked with the Office of Pharmacy Affairs on an alternate provision of clotting factor through the LCBCD’s regional core center at the University of Texas in Houston, until the LCBCD 340B program could be established. The LCBCD officially began handling 340B pharmacy orders under a contract pharmacy arrangement with Gulf States Pharmacy at the University of Texas on January 1, 2007. In 2017 the LCBCD 340B pharmacy program was able to establish in-house pharmacy operations. In 2020 contract pharmacy arrangements with the Accredo and Hemophilia Alliance Pharmacy 2022 Optum in order to increase the LCBCD’s ability to serve its patient population.

The LCBCD clinical team ensures that factor utilization is at the appropriate level, allowing the patient to reduce the cost of care and extend eligibility for services. While every patient’s situation is different, savings through purchasing clotting factor through the LCBCD’s 340B program can be significant, as compared to factor purchased from for-profit organizations or pharmacies. Participating in the LCBCD’s 340B drug pricing program allows the LCBCD to provide enhanced and expanded services to its entire patient population, as the revenue from the sale of factor are required by the federal government to be used to support the objectives of the HTC, and all the Center’s patients, not just those who use the 340B factor program.