Angela Kellum, RPh, PharmD

Pharmacy Manager
Louisiana Center for Bleeding & Clotting Disorders (LCBCD)

Dr. Angela Kellum received her BS in pharmacy from the University of Louisiana at Monroe and completed her Doctor of Pharmacy at Samford University. She has a diverse pharmacy background, working with both retail and hospital pharmacy; including pediatrics, oncology, and investigational drug studies. She joined our team in July 2016 to help establish the Tulane University Health Sciences Pharmacy, our in-house 340B pharmacy. Angela is involved with all interdisciplinary clinical activities for the LCBCD, including participation in Comprehensive Care Clinic visits. She has been instrumental in launching the use of electronic infusion logs and care monitoring through the Center’s adoption of a digital application, and has co-authored publications regarding digital health and monitoring.

Angela and her son Samuel created a program to determine the optimal vial combinations to fill prescriptions for clotting factor, and that program is now used in hospitals and pharmacies across the country. She educates other pharmacists through speaking engagements for various pharmaceutical manufactures about bleeding disorders and their treatments. She also serves on several pharmaceutical advisory boards. Additionally, she serves on the Biomedical Institutional Review Board at Tulane University School of Medicine.

Angela has been married for 30 years and met her husband while working at a patient’s bedside. They have 2 sons and their favorite family activity is water-skiing.