Demetra Bryant, RN

Nurse Specialist
Louisiana Center for Bleeding & Clotting Disorders (LCBCD)

Demetra Bryant has been a Hemophilia Nurse Specialist since July 2019 at the LCBCD. During her nursing education, she was one of four students to complete Charity Delgado’s first LPN-RN program in 1995. She started her nursing career in dialysis in 1989 and spent 11 years as a dialysis clinic manager. She achieved a perfect rating from Department of Health and Hospitals (DHH), with the opening of a new dialysis clinic in 2017. Additionally, she was the first nurse to teach the new medical program in St. John the Baptist Parish school and remained there for 7 years.

She works with our female patients with bleeding disorders. Demetra would describe her nursing career change as “going from cleaning blood to clotting it”. Prior to becoming a nurse, Demetra originally wanted to be a school teacher. Furthermore, she loves the color red, and talking and learning about other cultures and practices.