Thrombosis Program

In 2001, the LCBCD launched a specialized clinic for thrombosis patients to serve the Greater New Orleans area. Our dedicated thrombosis nurses work with our physicians to care for patients who have had blood clots. A major focus for this team is helping our patients manage their disorder with an individualized treatment plan, and providing ongoing support to patients on anticoagulant therapy. In addition to providing 24/7 access for our patients, our thrombosis nurses keep our clinics at University Medical Center in New Orleans and Tulane Lakeside in Metairie.

The thrombosis team understands that a diagnosis of thrombophilia can be a cause for concern, and actively works with you and your family to navigate the complications involved in this diagnosis. Our thrombosis teams’ focus is to treat clotting disorders, both genetic and acquired. Genetic and diagnostic testing, medical management, as well as pregnancy related to thrombosis is offered. The team often receives referrals for patients with a family history of thrombosis or advice on successful surgical outcomes.

Our medical providers are consulted by several entities in the New Orleans area with concerns for the growing number of thrombotic events in Covid positive patients. Our team looks forward to treating and caring for this new group of patients.